September 2011-10-01

‘Tύs maith leath na hoibre’ they say. So here goes with the first post of  Bellitumsblog. What to blog about? There will be no discussion on economics on this site since Bellitum knows absolutely nothing about the subject in spite of  David MacWilliams’ best efforts to educate us. Neither will there be a huge emphasis on politics. Sport will make an even rarer appearance and rock music will be mentioned only in the context of my own ignorance.  Business, tax and dentistry are not subjects ever to be dwelt on in polite society. Many a lunch hour has been ruined by persons hell bent on discussing these topics.

Some posts may dwell on the way we were, others will be on bewildering aspects of today’s world in a somewhat Oisίn i ndiaidh na Féinne vein. There will be much wondering. Comments on books read, quotations encountered, or places visited may all feature. Not so much a tύs maith as a tύs. Quod scripsi scripsi